Join us this Lent as we journey with Jesus together into the wild, and take a look at the remarkable scene in Luke 4:1-14 between Jesus and our adversary in the desert.
 For Lent this year, we’ve put together the best resources we can to help you and your community thrive as you do the hard (often unrecognized on earth, but always seen in heaven) work of preaching, teaching, and discipling according to the Story of Jesus.
Discover the surprising and profound implications of Jesus’s time in the desert, in the new book, Jesus in the Wild.

What is the meaning stirring within the remarkable scene in Luke 4:1-14 of Jesus being challenged by the devil in the “wild”—the untamed and unruly wilderness? And what are the surprising implications of this event for we who are followers of Jesus today? 

In Jesus in the Wild you’ll take a 40-day journey into the heart of one of the most unusual, and often most misunderstood, stories in the Gospel accounts. In this encounter, following his baptism in the Jordan, and before his Isaiah 61 declaration of the saving ministry he had come to fulfill, Jesus is alone with the adversary—the one whose works he had come to destroy (1 John 3:8). He faces three tests or “temptations”—all aimed at unseating him from his identity, his belovedness, and his purpose as the Son of God. 

Understanding how Jesus faced down the accuser in the wild, you and I will be more fully equipped to address every demonic challenge that comes our way in the wild places in our own lives.

Jesus in the Wild is a perfect personal study and daily reader for individuals who want to gain a deeper sense of their vocation and calling in Christ, and for groups or congregations wanting a study on this well-known and moving passage.
About the book:
  • A softcover copy of Jesus in the Wild
  • Six 15- to 20-minute teaching videos for
    Jesus in the Wild
  • Access to participate in a three-hour, online Lent Preaching Workshop on Thursday, January 19th, 2023 from 9am- 12pm CT. A recording of this workshop will be available if you cannot make it!
  • A Night with New Room: Ash Wednesday group access and related support (including a pre-recorded series kick-off message delivered by Dan Wilt)
  • Sermon Outlines, Sermon Slides, and Series Worksheet for Jesus in the Wild
  • Digital Copy of Jesus in the Wild Small Group Guide 
  • Six-message summary 
  • Discounted Bulk Book Orders
Lent Series Kit Contents:
Join us for a livestream evening of worship, teaching, poetry, the imposition of ashes—and prayer for great awakening.

Wednesday, February 22, 2023
6:00–7:30pm CT / 7:00–8:30pm ET
We look forward to doing Lent together this year!
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